Currently I am CEO of SNiF Labs a company which manufactures smart pet devices.

I just finished my masters degree. I was a research assistant at the Physical Language Workshop (PLW), under Prof.John Maeda, at the MIT Media Lab.

The PLW is currently working on a large project called the treehouse studio, a suite of online-accessible applications for drawing, painting, photography, sound-editing, and video-editing. In addition to being a toolbox, the tree house is also a community for creative expression, peer feedback, and collaboration. The project started last summer, and has come a long way, but our dreams are big, we will be working on this for a while. Currently we are working on the next version of treehouse studio, and the SMPL core. you can see some diagrams of the client framework. you can now see a protype of the new draw application.

The treehouse is also the context and framework for our groups research activities. Part of the treehouse functionality comes from a web based operating system also under development. The group works closely together developing these core tools, but each RA also explores their own topics within this system. I am currently working on using spatial metaphors to explore image organization and fuzzy categorization, see my research page where you can read more, or even try a simple (almost functioning) demo.

Noah Paessel
89 Powder Horn Pond Rd.
Plymouth, MA 02139

mail: knowuh at media dot mit dot edu
im: noah617 at mac dot com