This is a simple list of courses I am taking, or have already taken. This is mostly for my personal referance, because I can not seem to be able to remember course numbers or web pages very well. On the other hand, who knows, maybe this could be of some use to some one else...

spring 2004:
MAS.964 Simplcity Studio: Cynthia Breazeal, Chris Csikszentmihályi, Hiroshi Ishii, John Maeda
psets: 1 2 3 4 5 5b 6 6b (7) 8 exhibition
MAS.966 Meaning Machines: Deb Roy
psets: (soon)
MAS.110 Fundamentals of Computational Media Design: John Maeda
psets: (ta)
IAP 2003 - 2004:
MAS.964 winter artschool: Noah Fields, Marc Schwartz
fall 2003:
MAS.962 Computers and Graphics Workshop: John Maeda
psets: 1 1b 2 2b 3 4 4b 5 5b