Here are few things I have put together in recent history, which I feel like sharing. Some of the items need some sprucing up, others are videos or audio files which are a bit large. Please be patient, eventually they will all be cleaned up. Eventually the movies will play. Some day my java code will run on all platforms. I guess in all honesty I am somewhat less optimistic about that last point... In any event, thank you very much for taking the time to look around here. I hope you enjoy the offerings.

Lately I have also been doing a radio show called my first casset with Ben Dalton on WMBR its on between 2:00 and 4:00 pm on tuesdays, and it roxor -- so cheque it out. Drop one of us a line if you would like to hear past shows.
reality hacking: art without walls
bubble machine -- 1 week getting soapy : jan 05
bubble event -- 15 minutes of bubbles for fun : jun 04
time capsule -- have you seen any unusual rocks? :
movies: lately i find video to be super fun
news of the moment -- a two day working prototype of DIY magazine printing
light reading -- a video prototype of a smart lamp
pippi -- pippi longstockings, whats not to love?
noah longstockings -- I really want to be pippi. She rulez.
egg -- something very strange. a failed experiment to animate eggs with speakers.
perl train movie 1 -- my first postcript movie.
perl train movie 2 -- a train in type, my second postript movie. (~24MB)
radiator -- (800k) 7 seconds of my favorite radiator
paul -- cute videos of my pal paul
images / posters: I hate perl, but I love postscript.
objects of my life -- the objects i value most in my day to day life
closeup -- jucy left over artifacts from a poster creation session
apple poster -- frames from the movie above. (page links to larger image)
apple flip book -- pdf document of the movie, with cut lines. make a flip book.
perl lines -- a perl program that prints itself in curly ps lines...
perl train still images -- my first postcript movie poster.
ego mania -- a postcript picture of me in ireland (~11MB)
turtle mania -- a postscript picture of a sea turtle in hawaii. I love hawaii.
granny mania -- a postscript picture of my grandma as youngin'
god loves ostriches -- and you should too. Here's y they rul3
applets: applets rarely work unless you have a newish vm
snowflakes -- carefully crafted snowflakes
videomontage -- turn your movies into montage sequences
obscure weather machine -- move the rocks, make weather
bees -- virtual bees for your virtual pleasure
audio: I have a few damaged attempts at making music too
windchimes -- a page describing a virtual windchime instrument built in CSOUND. samples included.
bulgarian bleep -- take the bulgarian womens quire and add some novice electronica.
spokeyfunk --- was shooting for glitchy electronica, somehow got dark moody electronica.
grain -- my first granular composition in csound.
windchimes -- an attempt to model wind and windchimes in csound
dearest -- something I was working on a while go with a friend, a boy club number that never got completed