I actually do have a ton of photos. Unfortunately, I have not uploaded many. Photos are always fun though. So here are a few to keep you busy.
wedding-pictures -- i am married!
somo-leaves -- even somerville is new england
flowers -- i really love cosmos
pumpkins -- pumpkin festival in keen
small-ground -- details of the ground
small-tractor -- itsy photos of tractor details
paul -- my friend paul
autumn farm -- a friends farm in newhampshire
big bugs! -- scultpures in the garden in the woods
fruits! -- dramatic and fun clothing choices
shadows -- my shadow on a wall
creatures -- stuffed animals in a radio station
bog party -- playing in a cranberry bog in autumn
park -- last days of summer, playing in a park
bakery -- photos of my step fathers bakery
super friends -- goofing around with good pals
rain train -- some rainy train days
bubbles -- about 30 or so people blowing bubbles in government center
aliens in postoffice square -- my friends and I got all dressed up, and hit the town.
world tour -- I finally got to travel last summer.
st. martin -- once in a while i go visit friends in st. martin
paris -- a weekend paris trip
qVille party -- an exhibition / film festival / party my friend zack hosted
to go -- an exhibition for the end of mas 964