FlipBooker is free and simple flip-book maker. Use FlipBooker to turn movie files into hand held flip-books.


This application requires Quicktime 7 or greater. It might also require 10.4 -- I am not sure (if you get this to run with something other than 10.4, could you let me know?)


  1. locate a movie file on your mac (any quicktime readable file should do)
  2. choose your start and end frames
  3. choose the number of frames to print
  4. print, cut, staple

Tips for use

Legal Junk

I am not a lawyer, but you understand that I make no claims about this software. It could very well destroy your computer and all the files on it, and I am not liable for non-o-dat. Seriously, this is application is offered for free, as is, and with no particular use in mind, other than diversion and entertainment. Have fun. Technically I own this software, but please send it to those you love. I can make source code availalbe, once it doesn't stink.

Contact and Help

I really can not "support" this application. But send me email to let me know what is wrong. If you want to read my ugly source code, want to report bugs, or heap praise up me, you can reach me at : [email protected]
project home-page: http://noah.cx/flipbooker/