this is a jpeg of a still image from video montaging software i lovingly call 'video-freaker'. the basic concept for this piece is that the pixel space of a video is essentially three dimentional and can be walked through. more work in this area will follow soon.

if you are a brave person, you can download a jar file and run this sucker on your own computer. When the program starts it will ask you to find a MP4 or AVI or other quicktime friendly video to play. It will try to set the graphics mode to 1024 x 768, and then enter fullscreen mode. It will then just start remixing your video source for you FOREVER. To quit use apple-q or whatever your OS uses as a key combo to quit applications. please let me know if this app works for you or not.


or just download the jar and double click it. (less hassle)

jar file

if you are less brave download the movies instead: dog movie || boy movie