HVAC REVAMP -> the bubble machine week

February 7th, 2005

last week was the week of the bubble machine. team HVAC and friends constructed a bubble machine, the purpose of which was to draw attention to the respiration of buildings. the bubbles were blown using the forced air from a ventilation system for an MIT building. an inflatable dome was constructed to harvest the air, and redirect the airflow over a bubble generating mechanism.

the bubbling machine was a wild success filling the courtyard with fun bubbles. we also had the good fortune of running the machine on a very spring like day. bubbles are pretty hard to photograph, but here is a shot:

there are more pictures of the machine, and the design process here

movies of the event can be found here though much more work has to be done to actually set up descent web page.

snowflake-a-thon entry

January 19th, 2005

this is a jpeg of my plan for the snowflake-athon! i hope to put some
screen captures from the running application here soon too.

the basic concept for this piece is that there is a supreeme being up in the sky some where drafting individual unique snowflakes in the sky. after each
snowflake has been carefully designed, it is instantiated, and released from the heavens, down to earth.

if you are a brave person, you can download a jar file and run this sucker on your own computer. It will try to
set the graphics mode to 1024 x 768, and then enter fullscreen mode. To quit use apple-q or whatever your OS uses as a key combo to quit applications.
please let me know if this app works for you or not.


or just download the jar and double click it. (less hassle)

jar file

Weekend in review

January 10th, 2005

this weekend i did some war-driving for the first time. it amazes me how many open access points there are in the world, even in rural southern ma. i was out in the woods. it was a nice way to get some internet connection to download the python image library and documentation.

i also spent some time in duxbury this weekend with some pals. one of hannahs dearest buddies is house sitting for the winter. its a beautiful house on the bay. it’s a pretty beautiful place, even in the winter.

some photos are at

more geek notes

January 5th, 2005

more command line goodness in os X:

open - open a file with the finder (or supply app name with -a)

say - speak an item (pipe commands output to speach) even better yet, use the -o option and have the output of saved to an aiff file.

pbcopy - pipe commands to the system clipboard (ls | pbcopy)

pbpaste - pipe commands out from the clipboard (echo `pbpaste`)

osascript — run apple scripts from the command line.


IAP Bubble extravaganza

January 5th, 2005

we won a council for the arts grant to build a bubble machine installation on campus. we are using the funds to run an IAP workshop to complete the project. MIT students and other community members are all invited to participate.

the goal is to build a wind powered bubble machine which will blow bubbles in-front of building 18.

there is a website for people who are interested in signing up for the IAP activity: HVAC BUBBLES

a more in depth website about the idea behind the project will go up soon.