last day idca

so i think yesterday when i posted my update of the conference so far i might have been overly critical. its been a great conference, with maybe a few unfortunate speakers. i think yesterday i wrote my blog entry just after listening to an especially bad speaker. i might have also woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

the weather here is super sunny, and beautiful today, and t fell like the whole conference has been great. tonight we get to watch Peter Cho’s animated typography interpretation of war of the worlds. i am really excited about that.

the downfall of the conference so far (besides the occasional terrible speaker) has been the hysterically priced sandwiches. $15.00 for a sandwich. maybe that’s normal aspen prices. any way this evening is a $38.00 bbq. the food prices are ridiculous here.

so i have to say it again, aspen is completely beautiful.

this morning there was frost on the ground when i went out taking photographs. but now its very mild, and amazingly sunny. if this town was not so expensive, i would seriously consider living here.

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